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When off-the-shelf control panels will not meet your needs, you can count on our engineering team to understand the project requirements and design engineered solutions for your applications.

water treatment plant


Problem: The customer needed a triplex control panel to operate three alternating 3HP single phase pumps at 230V for a pumping station at a
large campground. Other requirements included: a stainless-steel enclosure; submersible pressure transducer-type level control; and the ability to remotely monitor pump information and alarm conditions.

Solution: We designed a control panel that used a combination of our proprietary SJE controllers to meet the unique needs of the application. First, we used our SJE TPC-X pump controller for the 4-20 mA submersible pressure transducer level control. Next, we built our SJE Panel Link™ system into the pump control panel so the customer can remotely monitor pump information such as run time, events, pump amperage, flows and tank level. The customer is immediately notified in the event of an alarm condition or pump failure.



Problem: The customer needed a duplex panel for a water booster application using two 460 VAC, 30 HP pumps; pump one is the main pump, with pump two serving as backup. They also needed it to alternate based on time, as pump one ran almost continuously. Therefore, if pump one was not able to keep up, and pressure continued to drop, pump two would turn on. Finally, they needed the controller to shut the pumps down if the water supply tank level got too low.

Solution: We provided a control panel with our SJE VFDC-4100 controller, which is designed specifically for this application. It is a full-featured controller with all the settings needed for a constant pressure application controlling multiple variable frequency drives (VFDs). This allows the pumps to adjust their speeds to the water usage, resulting in the pumps starting and stopping less frequency which will extend the life of the pumps.

dl panel


Problem: The customer needed an aeration control panel that would also operate a blower and a mixer. Several timing sequences needed to be considered. The aeration mode needed to be monitored by the level of dissolved oxygen present in the treatment area.

Solution: We developed a control panel uniquely suited to the required sequence of operations. The panel logic used a PLC and HMI for a full user interface, so the customer had the flexibility for the times needed to operate the aerator, blower and mixer. Both the mixer and blower were controlled by VFDs, allowing them to run at a determined rate for maximum motor integrity. Motor data: 230 VAC three phase, 1 HP blower, 5 HP mixer and 3 HP aerator.



Problem: The customer needed an outdoor blower panel for a resort in the Caribbean. They required a panel with a main breaker; ability to monitor run time; and operate the blower during certain time periods.

Solution: We recommended using a 24/7 digital timer for the blower on/off setting and using a Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) selector so they could run the blower any time. The timer was mounted on the panel door for easy access, along with pilot lights for blower run and motor overload. We added a main circuit breaker interlocked with the panel door. We also provided an IEC-rated motor starter sized for the blower motor.


Problem: The customer needed a three phase control panel for a sump pump application that would automatically alarm them of oil, high liquid or high pump amps/locked rotor conditions. The pump was 460 VAC, 2 HP with a three phase motor.

Solution: We incorporated our SJE Oil Spotter™ system circuitry, used in our standard product line controls, into a custom control panel for the three phase 460 VAC application. We housed it in an outdoor Type 4X rated panel as required.



Problem: The customer needed a control panel to be included in a wastewater treatment plant renovation. They had: three influent pumps operated from a submersible pressure transducer; three return activated sludge pumps (RAS) in another area controlled by an additional submersible pressure transducer; one scum pump controlled by a radar-type sensor; one sludge transfer panel; and one main lift station panel. VFDs were not required for all pumps. Pumps/motors ranged from 2 to 15 HP.

Solution: We provided five total control panels for this wastewater treatment application. Each panel had VFDs for pump speed control, along with: 30mm push-to-test pilot lights; main circuit breakers; pump breakers; a PLC and HMI; and a UPS to keep the panel PLC and alarm active in case of power outages. In addition, our programming team provided all PLC and HMI programming required for the treatment system, and connected all control panels into the wastewater plant’s existing SCADA system. Panels were built with Type 4X stainless steel enclosures, with added air conditioning units.


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Engineered Solutions

When off-the-shelf control panels will not meet your needs, you can count on our engineering team.

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