Installation Tips

Most Common New Installation Errors to Avoid:

Panels equipped with the redundant off option:

  • Redundant off float not connected
  • Pump will not run in automatic mode on a standard panel. It will however, run in hand mode
  • If the float is not available, secure jumper wire in place of the redundant off float

Panels equipped with thermal cutout connection:

  • Pump does not run in Hand or Automatic mode
  • Verify thermal cutout is connected

To test panel operation:

  • Disconnect voltage; Tag and remove the thermal cutout wires
  • Use a jumper wire (on panel terminal block) in place of the thermal cutout wires
  • Reconnect voltage. If pump runs in hand mode, thermal cutout connection is incorrect or possible defective thermal switch in pump

Installation Tips to Assist in New Installation:

Incoming power:

  • Correct incoming voltage: Example—208V or 240V or 480V
  • Control Alarm voltage: L2——N
  • Alarm-Control-Neutral
  • For code some places require two 120V lines to come in and share neutral, otherwise bring in the hot lead to a L1 and neutral to N and jumper L1 and L1 together.

Floats: Have to be in correct order and on correct terminal block position

4-Float, Duplex
High Level (15 & 16)
Lag Pump On (13 & 14)
Lead Pump On (11 & 12)
Pumps Off (9 & 10)
3-Float Duplex
Lag Pump On High Level
(jumper 16 to 14)
Lead Pump On (11 & 12)
Pumps Off (9 & 10)
High Level (15 & 16)
Pump On (11 & 12)
Pump Off (9 & 10)


Make sure:

  • Breakers ON; Overload ON; Motor protective switch ON

Three Phase panels:

  • Make sure the transformer is hooked up to the correct incoming voltage

Seal Fail Thermal Cutout:

  • Hooked up to correct terminal block connections
  • Seal fail=infinite ohms open
  • Thermal cutout=0 ohms closed

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