Speed-E Connect™ Float Connection System 4-Port Model

Revolutionary Manifold/Float Switch Connection System

The Speed-E Connect™ float connection system is a revolutionary new way to install float switches in a wet well for level control applications.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…Simply install the manifold, plug in the floats, and wire the manifold cable to the control panel. The color-coded cable makes for a quick, clean installation! The quick release float switch connections allow for easy maintenance and replacement of floats, saving installers time and money.

The Speed-E Connect™ system includes:(a) manifold and (b) mounting bracket. Ordered separately: (c) sealing plug with rubber boot and (d) Speed-E Connect™ low current float switch. Many float switch options and 3-port manifold available to suit your needs!


  • (4) Quick release float connections for easymaintenance in the wet well
  • A single multi-conductor direct burial cable with colored wire pairs for easy and clean field wiring of control panel
  • Manifold housing includes colored caps that match Red-Blue-Yellow-White wire pairs in manifold cable for easy field wiring
  • Rubber boot provides a dual seal design for an extra layer of protection to keep connection clean and dry
  • Rated for short term submersion in water
  • Can be used with 1, 2, 3, or 4 float switches; sealing plug available for unused manifold port(s)*
  • Speed-E Connect™ mechanically-activated float switch is rated at 125 VAC, 0.160mA to 1A for low current applications (must be ordered separately)
  • Includes mounting bracket with hardware

*Do not install manifold with open port(s).



  • ABS plastic


  • 125 VAC
  • Maximum Electrical Load: 1 amp per connection port


  • BRACKET: 304 stainless steel


  • CABLE: flexible 18 gauge, 2 conductor (UL, CSA) SJOW, water-resistant (CPE)
  • FLOAT: 2.74 inch diameter x 4.83 inch long (7.0 cm x 12.3 cm), high-impact, corrosion resistant, polypropylene housing for use in sewage and water up to 140° F (60° C)


  • 30 feet (9 meters), 13 PSI (90kPa)


  • 125 VAC Maximum Electrical Load: 1 amp, Minimum Electrical Load: 0.160 mA
  • 30 VDC Maximum Electrical Load: 1 amp, Minimum Electrical Load: 0.160 mA

5 VDC Minimum Electrical Load: 1 mA

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