WellZone® 3-Wire Pressure Controller

3-Wire Single Phase Well Pump Control Panel

wellzone 3-wire open door

The WellZone® 3-wire digital controller provides pressure control for single phase 3-wire submersible well pump applications. It uses a 0-150 PSI pressure transducer to monitor the discharge pressure and turns the pump ON and OFF according to the adjustable Start and Stop setpoints. The LCD display allows for quick view of the system pressure, run status, hours run and pump cycles. The rotary button provides the user with a simple navigation method through the menu and program settings. It features built in pump protection including rapid cycling and dry run. It is preprogrammed to run the pump as the pressure drops below 40 PSI and stop as the pressure rises above 60 PSI. High & Low pressure settings are available with an auxiliary alarm relay.

wellzone 3-wire open door


  • Includes a 0-150 PSI pressure transducer (No pressure switch needed)
  • LCD display with bar graph
    • Pressure monitoring
    • Pump amps monitoring
    • Pump on monitoring
    • Pump Run Time
    • Pump Run Cycles
  • Adjustable pressure set points
    • Start /Stop pressure set points
    • High /Low pressure alarms
  • Advanced functions
    • Dry Run protection
    • Well recharge timer
    • Rapid cycle protection
    • Water filter replacement notification
    • Alarm history
  • Five-year limited warranty on panel*
  • Two-year limited warranty on pressure transducer


  1. NEMA 4X enclosure 10 x 8 x 4 inches (25.4 x 20.32 x 10.16 cm) for indoor or outdoor use with integral padlockable latch for added safety.
  2. Pump run green LED indicator
  3. Pump test switch for manual control of the pump
  4. Menu rotary encoder/selector switch
  5. Menu ESC button
  6. Auxiliary alarm contacts
  7. Digital input for optional floor sensor or float switch
  8. LCD display
  9. Ground lug
  10. Circuit breaker
  11. Run capacitor
  12. Start capacitor
  13. Start relay

*Note: CSI Controls will warranty motor start kit components supplied by CSI Controls for one year.

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