New Water Sensor Available Exclusively with CSION® WiFi Indoor Alarm System

water sensor

CSI Controls is excited to launch a new product: the WS360 Water Sensor! This sensor is available exclusively with the CSION® WiFi Indoor Alarm System and makes it easy to help prevent water damage.

When connected to an CSION® WiFi alarm, this sensor is designed to warn of potential water damage to end users. Place this sensor in any location where there is a risk of water damage: utility room, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, basement, AC drip pans, etc. When water reaches any side, top or bottom of the 360° sensor, an audible/visual alarm is activated. It also sends a remote notification via email and/or text to the contact(s) for the smart device set up with WiFi alarm unit. Up to five sensors may be connected in series to monitor multiple locations with one single alarm.

The water sensor has a one-year limited warranty. Visit our website to learn more at

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