Fusion™ Single Phase Simplex Control Panel

Single Phase, Simplex Demand Dose or Timed Dose Float Controlled System for Pumping Applications

fusion single phase simplex panel
The Fusion™ Single Phase Simplex control panels utilize a traditional relay logic component-style design. Applications include sump and sewage basins, septic tanks, aeration systems, cisterns, atmospheric storage tanks, chemical solution tanks and more.
Looking for the duplex version? You can find it here: Fusion™ Single Phase Duplex
fusion single phase simplex panel


  • NEMA 4X engineered thermal plastic enclosure with mounting feet and lockable latches
  • Flashing red 360° alarm beacon with an electronic horn, and test/silence switch
  • Pump Hand-Off-Auto switch to manually activate pump, set in automatic float level control, or disable the pump operation
  • Pump Run light to provide visual notification when the pump is called to run
  • Includes easy access removable fuses
  • Timed dose control option available
  • Amber beacon
  • Manual Alarm Reset
  • Elapse Time Meter
  • Heavy duty increases the circuit breakers and wire gauge:
    • HD1 12-18FLA

    • HD2 18-24FLA
  • Heat sensor terminals
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Lightning arrestor
  • Low level alarm
  • Overloads
  • Seal Failure indicator light
  • Time Dosing operation
  • Auxiliary alarm contacts
  • Float configurations


  • NEMA 4X enclosure rated for indoor or outdoor use
  • Lockable latches for added safety
  • 360° red alarm beacon for visual alert
  • IEC motor contactor controls the pump motor load by switching the electrical lines
  • Circuit breakers provide pump and control/alarm disconnect and branch circuit protection
  • Terminal strip easy field wiring of incoming power, floats, and pump
  • Ground lugs
  • Molded inner door protects from high voltage, and mounting location for indicators, and switches
  • Control circuit and alarm circuit fuses easy access touch safe fuse replacement
  • Alarm Arm-Off-Test to disable or test the alarm
  • Alarm Flasher provides alarm flashing circuitry
  • Green Pump Run light provides indication when pump is called to run
  • Pump Hand-Off-Auto switch provides manual pump control
  • External Alarm Silence button to silence the audible alarm

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