PRO-Grade™ Single Phase

Advanced Single Phase Control Panels for Commercial Applications


PRO-Grade™ single phase (PG) control panels provide a convenient, flexible platform for a wide range of commercial applications. The PG panels can be configured for simplex and duplex pump control and with line voltage from 120/240 VAC. A large selection of configurable options is available. Looking for three phase panels? Check them out here.

All PRO-Grade™ single phase panels provide low voltage (12 VDC) interfaces for floats and other sensor control connections, and are available with optional intrinsically safe float connections, conforming with UL 508A and UL 698A standards. A 12V remote alarm interface is standard on the PG panels, compatible with the CSI Controls part #1063912 Lobby Alarm. Optional 12V battery backup capabilities. Leads provided. Battery not included.

External lightning arrestor available:

  • 1014320 Hub
  • 1028311 Single Phase Lightning Arrestor
prograde single panel closed



  1. NEMA 1 enclosure for indoor use or NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor use
  2. Circuit breaker(s)
  3. Lockable latch
  4. Magnetic motor contactor(s)
  5. Terminal block
  6. Optional intrinsically safe module(not shown)
  7. Pump controller with status indicators
    1. Hand/Off/Auto Switches Pump 1 and Pump 2 (duplex only)
    2. Control/alarm fuse
    3. Optional adjustable seal failure
    4. Form C powered contacts
    5. Pump selector switch (Alt, 1-2, 2-1)
    6. Pump Run 1 indicator (optional Seal Failure & Temp Failure)
    7. Pump Run 2 indicator (duplex only) (optional Seal Failure & Temp Failure)
    8. Float status – Alarm, Lag (duplex only), Start, Stop
    9. Power indicator
    10. Battery OK indicator
  8. Alarm/control power circuit breaker

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