RK Series™ Single Phase Simplex 4-20mA Control Panel

Single Phase, Simplex 4-20mA Continuous Level Control System for Pump Control and System Monitoring

rk single phase simplex 4-20 mA panel diagram

The RK Series™ Single Phase Simplex 4-20 mA continuous level sensing panel is designed to control one 115/230 VAC single phase pump in-water and sewage installations. The protective inner door features panel operating status indicators, LCD display, control buttons and provides access to the pump and control circuit breakers. Panel is designed for 4-20mA input and 2-float backup control.


  1. NEMA 4X enclosure rated for indoor or outdoor use
    1. Padlockable cover with quarter turn stainless steel set screw and (2) heavy duty latches that can be secured for added safety
    2. Drip shield
    3. Integral mounting flanges
  2. Magnetic motor contactor controls the pump motor load by switching the electrical lines
  3. Circuit breakers provide pump and control/alarm disconnect and branch circuit protection
  4. Terminal strip for field wiring of incoming power, backup floats, submersible level transmitter, and pump
  5. Ground lugs
  6. Molded inner door provides access to circuit breakers, and mounting location for indicators, display, and control buttons
    1. Digital 32-character backlit LCD display
    2. Green LEDs indicate control and alarm circuit power
    3. Red LEDs indicate when either control or alarm fuse is blown
    4. Backup Float Status LED indicator (green=low level redundant off, red=high level)
    5. Amber LED indicates backup float control mode activated
    6. Green Pump Run LED indicates when pump is called to rung. Pump Hand/Run buttons operate the pump manually
    7. Alarm Test/Silence reset button
    8. Red LED indicate high water alarm
  7. 360° red alarm beacon for visual alert
  8. Piezo audible alarm (not shown)
  9. Alarm silence touch pad (not shown)


  • 4-20mA input for continuous level sensing
  • High level backup float input with LED status indicator
  • High level backup float mode provides pump timer control activation
  • Low level redundant off float input with LED status indicator
  • Digital backlit LCD for easy setup and system monitoring
  • Timed dose or demand dose field programmable
  • Flashing red 360° alarm beacon with horn, includes innovative touch to silence pad, touch to test
  • Pump push to run with low level protection when activated manually
  • Includes easy access touch safe fuses
  • Five-year limited warranty on panel
  • Two-year limited warranty on 4-20mA transmitters



  • Pump: 115 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 1Ø
  • Control/Alarm: 115 VAC 60 Hz 1Ø


  • 12 x 10 x 6 inch (30.5 x 25.4 x 15.2 cm)
  • NEMA 4X ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic rated for indoor/outdoor use with integral mounting flange, padlockable cover with (2) heavy duty thermoplastic latches, and stainless steel 1/4 turn set screw


  • molded thermoplastic


  • 115 VAC


  • magnetic motor contactor


  • up to 24 Amps


  • 2-16 character lines, backlight


  • 83-85 decibel rating


  • 360°

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